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    New Improved Cylinder Heads  

    2-Year/Unlimited Mileage Warranty 

    Payment Plans available at Checkout 

    High Quality ISO9001 Certified Factory

    Free Shipping on select purchases 

    25+ Years Expertise
    No Core Charge


Ford 4.0 V6 OHV 



New Cylinder Head 


NORMALLY $374.99

SALE $324.99

cylinder head

                                     is the premiere cylinder head supplier in the United States. We specialize in new and improved cylinder head castings that reduce or eliminate the likelihood of problems in the future. Our quality is far superior to any remanufactured or rebuilt cylinder head. Our great prices are often equal to or even less than a remanufactured or rebuilt cylinder head. With 9 Distribution Centers we provide 

FAST DELIVERY across the US.

King Cylinder Heads


Rebuilt Cylinder Heads
For most popular applications King Cylinder Heads offers brand new high quality cylinder heads. These cylinder heads are improved castings that drastically reduce the likelihood of your problem reoccurring. Please check under "New Cylinder Heads" for your application. 


If you do not see a listing for your vehicle under "New Cylinder Heads" then there is a good chance we offer a remanufactured cylinder head. Here are some of the rebuilt heads that we offer:


1.9 Escort Tracer   1991-96     C#FOEE                        $450

2.0 Escort               1997-02     C#F7CE                         $399

2.0 Focus                2000-04     C#YS4E                         $450

3.0 V6                      2000-08     C#F6DE                        $385

3.0 V6                      1986-99     C#E6AE                        $385

4.6 V8 SOHC           2001-08     C#1L2E                         $499

5.4 V8 SOHC 2V     1997-99     C#F75E                         $499

5.4 V8 SOHC 2V     1999-05     C#2L1E, XL3E, 2L3E    $499


1.5/1.6 CIVIC           1988-95     C#PM3, PM9                $450

1.6 CIVIC NO VTEC 1996-00     C#P2A, P2F                  $475

1.6 CIVIC VTEC        1996-00     C#P2J                            $675

1.6 CIVIC VTEC        1992-95     C#PO8                          $650

1.7 CIVIC VTEC        2001-06     C#PLE                           $525

1.7 CIVIC                  2001-06     C#PMR                         $499

        1.8 CIVIC                 2006 -11    C#RNA with Cam        $499

 2.0 CRV                   1997-01     C#P75                           $699

 2.2 ACCORD VTEC 1994-97     C#POA                          $425

 2.2 ACCORD           1994-97     C#POB                          $450

        2.2 ACCRD PRLDE 1990-95      C#PT3                           $499                2.3 ACCORD           1998-02      C#PAA                          $475                         


       1.4T CRUZE, SONIC  2011-15   C#291, 669                 $799

       1.8 CRUZE, SONIC    2011-15   C#116, 758, 759         $650               2.0 SUNBIRD OHC  1987-94     C#098                          $399               2.2 ECOTEC DOHC  2002-08                                          $429               2.3 QUAD-4              1995          C#456                          $375

       2.3 QUAD-4 SOHC  1992-94     C#799, 683, 302         $399               4.8/5.3                      1999-07    C#706, 862                   $349               4.8/5.3                      2007-14    C#243, 799                   $449


2.0 NEON SOHC      1995-05    C#737                           $399

2.4 PT CRUISER        2001-08  Valves & Springs only  $449

3.3/3.8 V6                 2000-07     C#688                         $275

        3.7 V6 Jeep               2002-12     ALL new seats            $549                4.7 V8 Non-HO        1999-07     ALL new seats            $549

Our rebuilt cylinder heads carry a 1-year warranty and can ship out the same day in most cases.


Call 1-888-531-5464 for details.

cylinder head
cylinder head


Shipping within the US (except Alaska and Hawaii):

Receive FREE SHIPPING when you order a complete cylinder head and head gasket set.


FREE SHIPPING offer includes V6 or V8 applications whether you purchase 1 or 2 heads with the head gasket set your whole order will ship free.


CALL 888-531-5464 for details regarding FREE SHIPPING


Shipping rates for all other orders will be at a very low flat rate charge per cylinder head. 


Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska:

King Cylinder Heads uses USPS Priority Mail to ship to Hawaii and Alaska. USPS Priority Mail is reasonably priced and product will normally arrive in 2-3 days. Free Shipping special does not apply. Please call for rates.


Shipping outside the US: 

For shipments outside the US, freight needs to arranged and paid for by the customer. 


Any New Return that originally had the freight paid by King Cylinder Heads will be credited the amount of the new return less the original freight charges.



King Cylinder Heads provides volume pricing for small, medium and large quantity purchases. Volume purchases may be made of any combination of part numbers. Volume pricing applies to single purchases of any combination of part numbers of the following quantities:


10 or more – 10% off website pricing.

25 or more – 10% off website pricing and free shipping within 48 states.

100 or more – Call for details.


For volume purchases please call (888)531-5464






The sole purpose of this Help Section is to provide FREE information and assistance to our customers to ensure that they have the best possible outcome with their vehicle repairs. Within this section, we provide application, identification, troubleshooting, diagnostic, installation and specification information for all or our customers. This information addresses most of the common issues and problems related to the purchasing and installing of a cylinder head. This information addresses issues that may occur before, during or after the installation process. We have even provided you with information to help you determine the problem with your vehicle that may reveal that you do not even need to replace your cylinder head! We are here to help you determine what is wrong with your vehicle and how best to rectify the problem.



If after reading this section you still need assistance, please reach us at 1-888-531-5464 ext. 2

or or LIVE CHAT Mon - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST


Troubleshooting >


Helpful Tips to installling a cylinder head >





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TOLL FREE: (888) 531-5464




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